We Light Up the Future

As Efeler, Aydın Centered Delta 8 Studio team, we are constantly developing applications to illuminate our future, and export the applications we have developed to more than 100 countries.

In each project we develop, we produce solutions with this goal by protecting nature as well as making life easier.

Republic of Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great leader pays homage respectfully, in this land where he and his comrades in arms are wrapped tight left us with the most genuine knowledge.

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Delta's Journey

Delta; It is a leading mobile application development company that was established in Aydın in 2020 with the vision of planting seeds for the future, aiming to make people's lives easier and devoted to providing reliable technological solutions while achieving this goal. We helped countless people make their lives easier by creating the highest rated mobile apps.

Continuing its projects to become a global company, Delta aims to help businesses achieve sustainable growth and scalability as well as touch people's lives. The first office Aydin, the Delta network of offices opened in Turkey, as well as access to space-based expansion in all continents of the world, Turkey has been targeted.

Delta 8 Studio
Values That Bring Success

Values ​​That Bring Success


As a modern application development company, we do not compromise on transparency, we share every work we do with you.


We examine your feedbacks and improve our applications with these feedbacks.


Delta's mission is to develop solution-oriented products that make a lasting impact. Mobile solutions that make life easier as a mobile application development company while producing, we receive support from our solution partners.

We Make a Difference with Our Strategic Technology Partners

By partnering with industry leaders, we offer quality technology solutions that make life easier.

Files Shortcut
Google Play Store app image Files Shortcut
  • Files Shortcut
  • Android
  • Productivity
  • Free

On some Android™, File Manager is already available on the system. The app name is mentioned as downloaded, so we have developed a shortcut for you to open the file manager directly. This app may not work on all Android devices.

Manage Apps Shortcut
Google Play Store app images Developer Options Shortcut
  • Manage Applications
  • Android
  • Tools
  • Free

This app easily goes to the screen to remove and disable applications on the system for Xiaomi and similar devices.

SystemUI Tuner Shortcut
Google Play Store app image SystemUI Tuner Shortcut
  • SystemUI Tuner
  • Android
  • Tools
  • Free

It is a shortcut to open the page called System Interface Tuner, which is hidden on Android 6.0 and above phones. This application may not work on all Android devices.

Notification Log Shortcut
Google Play Store app image Notification Log Shortcut
  • Notification Log
  • Android
  • Tools
  • Free

It is a shortcut to open the Notification Log in the system on Android ™ devices. Note: It doesn't work on some devices. The developer is not responsible. Originating from firmware.

All-in-One Shortcut Manager
Google Play Store app images All In One Shortcut Manager
  • Shortcut Manager
  • Android
  • Tools
  • Free

Developer Options,System Interface Seter, Notification Log, Files, Manage Applications, Custom DNS, Memory Usage, Battery Usage, and ADB commands.

AOSP Rom Launcher
Google Play Store app image AOSP Rom Launcher
  • Aosp Launcher
  • Android
  • Customization
  • Paid

Are you looking for the latest plain Android interface for your device? AOSP Launcher3 has arrived for you.

Nirvana Sound
Google Play Store app image 10.0 Launcher Shortcuts
  • Nirvana Sound
  • Android
  • Sound
  • Free

Feel the effects and sounds in games, music and movies at their peak with Nirvana Sound.

Developer Options Shortcut
Google Play Store app Developer Options Shortcut
  • Developer Options
  • Android
  • Tools
  • Free

It is a shortcut app for users who do not enable developer options on their android device.

Global Player
Delta offers Turkey's mobile technology to the world and makes Turkey proud.

Turkey's technology in more than 100 countries!

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E-mail: [email protected]

Naim Suleymanoglu Street, Efeler, Aydin, Turkey


You can contribute to the development of our support team by informing us of your satisfaction rate in your meeting with our customer representative.